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MULTI-FILL Inc. is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of volumetric fillers, distribution systems, and batch feeders for particulate products. Our equipment is on the ready meal lines of most major players in the prepared foods industry as it is:

multifill 5RELIABLE: Downtime is minimal with rapid changeovers. Many units sold in the 1980's are still in operation!

VERSATILE: Fill a variety of products into cups, cans, bowls, trays, tubs, jars, pouches, and more with few or no change parts.

FAST AND ACCURATE: Deposit products like pasta (long or short), rice, quinoa, couscous, prepared salads, cut fruits and vegetables, shredded meats, seafood pieces, and gourmet pet foods at speeds up to 120 containers per minute while maintaining product appearance and integrity.

EASY TO CLEAN: Most parts remain on the equipment during cleaning. Removable pieces have quick release mechanisms to facility rapid changeover without tools.

mfi pic2EASY TO INTEGRATE: Incorporate MULTI-FILL equipment into existing or new production lines with continuous or intermittent motion and horizontal or vertical bagging machines.

COMPACT: The fillers utilize a small footprint to save valuable space on the production floor.

COST EFFECTIVE: MULTI-FILL equipment is reported to have the lowest operating costs of any equipment at a major ready meals plant in the Midwestern USA.

UPGRADEABLE: Our machines can be rebuilt or upgraded over time with the latest technology to improve safety, sanitation, and efficiency.

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