CPF to Supply Thai Shrimp to Legal Sea Foods Restaurants

restaurant LegalSeafoods“If it isn’t fresh, it isn’t legal” has been the slogan of Legal Sea Foods since the Boston, Massachusetts-headquartered restaurant chain was founded in 1950. And when it comes to shellfish, CEO Roger Berkowitz has no doubt that fresh-frozen shrimp products supplied from Thailand by Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) are fresher than all except live crustaceans just pulled from the water and eaten quickly thereafter.

CPF and Legal Seafood Foods have partnered in a co-packing deal in which farm-raised premium shrimp will be produced for the restaurant chain, which operates 37 units and an online fish market that ships product across North America, including frozen retail packs.

Legal Logo"Legal Sea Foods has a long history of serving premium seafood to its more than seven million restaurant customers annually, a success which is rooted in our fundamental belief in food safety and quality," said Berkowitz.

Dr. Sujint Thammasart, CPF’s chief operating officer for aquaculture business, assures Legal clientele that his company’s products will not only meet, but also exceed their expectations.

"Our shrimp feed, seeds, farms and processing plants are recognized as best-in-class within the aquaculture industry, while Legal Sea Foods is the number one seafood brand in America. This makes for a very synergistic partnership," he said.

All of CPF’s shrimp are raised in biosecure, closed-system aquafarms and are fed with feed utilizing fishmeal certified by the Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS).