Brioche Pasquier Unveils ‘Cut Above’ New Look Entremets

Les Cerqueux, France-headquartered pâtisserie specialist Brioche Pasquier has given two of its frozen Entremets a new look. The topping design has been especially created to make for “cut above” slicing and serving of the desserts even simpler, and the chocolate layers have been tweaked to offer a more sophisticated finish.

190306 pasquier graphic01“Ease of service is one of our key principles,” said Jon Turonnet, foodservice sales manager. “We know that our premium desserts are prepped in the busiest kitchens and if we can make serving them easier for chefs without compromising on quality, that’s what we aim to do.”

Brioche Pasquier’s Entremets are served either as slim slices or cut into individual bite-sized squares that present well as sweet canapés for catered events and buffet tables.

“Double and triple chocolate recipes are still extremely popular, however, we have re-styled the velvet mousse piping on top to reduce preparation time,” said Turonnet. “The intricate layering has also been remodeled to make for more enticing desserts.”

Previously the Entremets could be a little tricky to serve quickly and cleanly, however, with the new hand-piped fluted squares of chocolate mousse, each individual portion is precisely located and can be easily identified for quick, neat slicing with a hot, wet knife.

190306 pasquier graphic02“The improvement to the design of the dessert has not only made it easier to plate, but it looks great as well,” said Turonnet. “The deep chocolate flavors of Les Trois Chocolat and Le Tout Chocolat remain unchanged, but the pair now have a more modern, sophisticated finish.”

Le Tout Chocolat features both milk and dark chocolate layers of soft sponge, mousse and crisp chocolate, while Les Trois Chocolats also includes a layer of white chocolate mousse. The new topping makes these two Entremets particularly suitable for cutting into small squares to be served as sweet canapés. Event caterers could cut 40 individual pieces from each of the 760-gram Entremets.

All Brioche Pasquier’s pâtisserie products are free from preservatives, palm oil, artificial colors and fake flavors.