Vegan Baked Potato Skins Join Bannisters Snacking Range

Bannisters Yorkshire Family Farm has introduced a new line of baked potato skins featuring a variety of vegan-friendly fillings, each with a mozzarella-style melt.

190228 bannisers graphic01Developed to help caterers respond to the growing demand for plant-based menu options, the range combines punchy flavors and colorful ingredients with British baked potato skins. The gluten-free products are heated directly from the freezer and ready to serve in a matter of minutes to satisfy snack-craving consumers. Offerings include Mediterranean Tomato, Roasted Pepper and Olives; Arrabbiata; Hickory BBQ Jackfruit; Sundried Tomato; and Jalapeño.

The skins are available in regular and mini sizes, and are supplied in catering packs of 2 x 25 units for the regular filled skins and 2 x 1.9kg (approximately 50 units) for the minis. They are suitable for starters, sharing plates, bar snacks, light lunches or as side dishes for main course meals, and can be heated in a convection or microwave oven.

190228 bannisers graphic02“Vegan menu options have become essential, as the number of people following plant-based diets is growing rapidly,” said Marie Medhurst, sales director for the East Riding of Yorkshire, England-based company. “While demand is fueling the growth in choice for vegans eating out, the availability of plant-based food is also undoubtedly making it simpler for people to make the switch. As expectations have changed, any operator who wants to compete for customers needs to make sure vegans are well catered for.”

She continued: “Our challenge was to create new products that anyone would find tasty, whether or not they’re following a vegan diet, as this makes menu creation so much simpler for both caterers and customers.”

The number of vegans in the United Kingdom is increasing exponentially, with 42% of British vegans saying they chose to stick to a completely plant-based diet in 2018. Indeed, according to research published by Mintel, more vegan food products were launched in the UK last year than in any other country. The research company adds that the meat-free market in Britain is estimated to grow in value from £559 million in 2016 to £658 million in 2021.

“Making the switch to a vegan diet is so much easier if the most comforting, tempting foods are still available – and that includes baked potato skins topped with a moreish mozzarella-style melt and interesting, tasty ingredients,” said Medhurst.

As with all products distributed under the Bannisters Yorkshire Family Farm banner – from Ready Baked Jacket Potatoes to Potato Dippers – the focus is on wholesome spuds and innovative recipes. Furthermore, because they’re heated from frozen, waste is kept to a minimum.

The Bannister family has been farming on the Yorkshire Wolds for over 100 years and has been supplying specialist frozen potato products to the foodservice and retail sectors in Britain since Rob and Hilary Bannister founded their business, Farmhouse Potato Bakers Limited, in 1985. Almost all of their potato products are made from domestic tubers. The only exception is sweet potatoes, as they’re not yet widely grown in the UK.