Aviko Has British Potato Skins in the Foodservice Game

The Aviko UK arm of Steenderen, Holland-headquartered value-added potato specialist Aviko BV has launched ¼ and ½ potato skins in British and Irish foodservice markets. Made from United Kingdom-sourced baking potatoes, Aviko Potato Skins are presented as “perfect for loading and ideal for starters, lunch, sharing options and snacking.”

190306 aviko graphic01High natural sugar content within the baking potatoes ensures that they crisp up well in both ovens (ready in 18 minutes) and fryers (ready in less than four minutes). Ideal for loading up with tasty ingredients, they enable operators to easily cater to the appetites of vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-intolerant customers.

The skins are well suited to help restaurateurs tap into emerging trends such as the rise in consumers cutting down on meat intake and the increase of diners seeking sharing options. With this in mind Aviko has created a number of recipe suggestions for loading the skin –among them firecracker peppers, smoked salmon and smashed peas, and curried chickpea and spinach – as well as provided a calculated breakdown of attractive gross profits that can be realized from adding potato skin dishes to menu mix.

Straight Cut Churros
190306 aviko graphic02Meanwhile, for the dessert side of the menu, Aviko recently debuted Straight Cut Churros in Britain. The sweet treats are made in Spain using a traditional recipe that delivers a crisp and flavorful finish that is ideal for dipping.

As a third of all meals are now bought-on-the go in the United Kingdom, Churros are offered as “a great way for operators to tap into this key market and start boosting their profits.”

The versatile product can be served with a variety of sauces, including white chocolate and salted caramel, to help operators maximize snacking sales during the quieter periods between lunch and dinner.