Siam Canadian Group Inaugurates Meat Division in Poland

Bangkok, Thailand-headquartered Siam Canadian, best known as an international frozen seafood supplier, is expanding activities in the frozen meat business through a newly launched meat division based in Szczecin, Poland. Justyna Popielska heads up the operation.

"The objective of the new division is to quickly build a significant position in the meat industry much in the same way that Siam Canadian has already realized in the frozen seafood sector. I am confident Justyna will achieve this, and we will aggressively continue to grow the meat division as we go forward," said Jim Gulkin, Siam Canadian's group managing director and founder.

Justyna PopielskaJustyna PopielskaPopielska brings with her a wealth of experience trading in a wide variety of meat products, sourcing from a broad range of suppliers in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and dealing with established buyers internationally.

"Siam Canadian has a record of success proven over the past 30-plus years. Our current annual sales exceed US $325 million, and I am confident that the new meat division and a European presence will help fuel further growth and diversification into new markets," said Richard Williams, the company’s director of group business development.

Established in 1987, Siam Canadian sells to importers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors in over 70 countries, specializing in the supply of a wide assortment of frozen seafood from branches in Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Although primarily exporting seafood, its also supplies frozen fruit, vegetables, beef, pork, poultry and various canned products.