Vion’s Cool Cuts Offer Frozen Advantages to Meat Market

Utilizing matured beef that meets its strict Goldbeef brand standard, Vion has introduced a frozen range of T-bone steak, entrecote, filet and special cuts under the Cool Cuts line label. Aimed at restaurateurs, hoteliers and other bulk foodservice consumers, as well as the retail trade, the individually packed products are ready for sous-vide preparation.

190306 vion graphic01The premium meat is sourced from Simmentaler or Holstein Friesian cattle. These breeds have a solid reputation for quality and flavor among chefs in Germany and elsewhere in Europe and beyond.

“Vion is one of the few meat producers able to offer the complete process from one source – from slaughtering, deboning and maturing to packaging. We select the raw material by hand for the perfect steak,” said Bernd Stange, Vion’s chief operating officer in the beef sector. “The cuts then become true Cool Cuts only after a three-week maturing process. The meat portions are then packed and deep-frozen individually.”

The range is made up of different cuts and products. In addition to classic steaks like entrecote, T-bone and filet, other varieties offered include flat iron, tomahawk, côte de bœuf and churrasco ribs. All are marketed “ready to cook” in individual packaging ready for sous-vide preparation by the customer. The aim is to simplify preparation in a professional kitchen as chefs are able to easily cook the defrosted or frozen sous-vide immersed in water, then grill briefly on both sides.

Vion is distributing the products in different weights as specified by the buyer, and aims to expand the range into other categories in the future.

“Not every customer wants rump steak in the 250-gram version, but perhaps rather in portions of 180 grams,” said Stange. “We are able to cater to these demands individually.”

Year-round availability of the full beef range with a shelf life of 18 months from date of production means that restaurateurs and other foodservice operators have plenty of time to make use of the product as needed.

About Vion
Headquartered in Boxtel, the Netherlands, Vion is an international meat producer with 25 production locations in the Netherlands and Germany and sales support offices in 13 countries. Among its value-added frozen food producers is Großostheim-Ringheim, Germany-based Salomon FoodWorld, which specializes in burgers, schnitzels and a wide variety of finger food products.

Ranked among the planet’s top 100 food and beverage companies, Vion processes approximately 17,500 head of cattle and 302,000 pigs per week at 25 sites in Europe, employs approximately 11,800 people and generated sales of €5.1 billion in 2017.